Some tips for effective proofreading


1. try to read backwards
A good way of proofreading is to simply read the post backwards. When you read backwards, there is no flow and you focus on each word. This way, you can focus on spelling each word correctly instead of getting distracted by what the sentence is about. This method takes quite a bit of time, so it's just another reason to prioritize writing in advance so you have plenty of time for proofreading.

2. headings, titles and lists
Many people forget to read their headings, titles, and lists. Make sure you proofread everything with For some, it is helpful to make these one of the stages of proofreading to make sure they are not forgotten. Headings and titles are easy to forget, but if there is an error, it will be completely obvious to readers. Don't forget to check all the lists in your post and make sure the numbers are in the right order and that no numbers are missing.

3. last minute changes
Sometimes, when you are in the proofreading stage, you realize that you need to add a sentence or two for clarification. When you do this, it's important that you read through the paragraph again to make sure everything fits. It's common for writers to add information and then forget to go back and adjust other related recources like in the paragraph. Be sure to edit the extra sentences you add as you proofread.

Double check facts, names, and places.
It's important that you gather the right facts. Tools like spell check cannot help you here. You need to check the facts yourself. Make sure you've used the correct names for any places or people you've mentioned in your post. If you quote statistics, make sure you've quoted them correctly.

The post can be completely undermined if you forget to use and do this and leave the reader with the impression that you don't even know what the capital of Australia is (hint: it's not Sydney 😉 ). A quick fact check doesn't have to take a lot of time and can make all the difference in terms of credibility. Just make sure you have some quality sources to rely on.

4. don't forget formatting
Do the formatting at the end, but don't forget it. Go and make sure your paragraph spacing, bullets, lists, text wrapping, indents, etc. are formatted properly. You should do this step at the end because things can shift during proofreading. Keep your formatting consistent. Once you bold a heading, you should keep it bold throughout the article. Choose a style you like and stick to it

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